Duck, will fly?

Duck, will fly?

The famous singer Li Huizhen was very popular in the past: a “Waiting” sang the street, and Zhang Xueyou’s concert, from Hong Kong to the Mainland, also invited her as the only singer.

However, when the cause was in full swing, a sudden illness made Li Huizhen disappear in the music scene, and it was six years in a blink of an eye.

   It’s a terrible thing to have a long tumor in your head.

Suddenly, the operation was successful, and the endocrine system of the whole body was found to be disordered. The whole person’s joints could not move, and the weight of one kilogram was increased every day.

This kind of internal systemic secretion function for no reason is out of control, and how to check it can not be found.

This is a big blow to Li Huizhen, looking at her own body, she also thought of suicide.

But thinking that he is still so young, and his own singing career, Li Huizhen is not willing.

In the most painful part of her body, Li Huizhen inexplicably thought of an advertisement: “The general rule is not painful, but the pain is not acceptable.”

So she thought of looking for Chinese medicine.

This kind of aura saved her life.

After a little bit of Chinese medicine to help her conditioning, a little help her reset, re-integration of a new Li Huizhen.

Seeing that she can be free and sing on the stage today, she thought that when she walked, she could lift her feet up to ten centimeters from the ground.

    Li Huizhen herself said faintly: “Life is like a stock market, and it is good or bad. I am not afraid. I am afraid of closing.

No matter how bad my stock falls, as long as the plate is still alive, I will have another day!

Li Huizhen’s words are very exciting, and Li Huizhen’s life is more exciting.

   Many of us have had such experiences. When we travel, we take long-distance trains and often have to go through long and narrow underground tunnels.

Some tunnels, there is no light, and people have a horrible illusion in the day, thinking that they accidentally fell into the “Death Valley.”

However, no matter how deep, how long, how dark the tunnel, the train will come to the exit of the tunnel sooner or later, and then, a circle of round, brilliant light, quietly stands at the exit.

In fact, life is the same.

All the pain, frustration, frustration, failure, are only part of the “dark tunnel”, clenching the roots, bravely facing, and then you will suddenly discover that all sufferings are like the rain falling into the mud.trace.

    My friend told me a real story.

On a Sunday morning, my friends got up very late. The pond was full of ducks, big and small. A few late-frozen bodies were still swaying on the road. It seemed funny in the sparse passers-by.
The friend walked into the ducks mischievously, suddenly slamming his feet, the frightened ducks fleeing around, screaming, and some of them opened their wings, fluttered, and came.

    Suddenly, the friend was shocked and he saw a flying duck!

Its flight attitude is not agile, every flutter of the wings is suddenly very difficult, very clumsy, just like crawling in the air.

It flies very slowly, as if it might fall at any time.

However, it has been flying all the time, rushing to the ground, crossing the top of a friend’s head, flying eastward, flying all the way to the pond above the west, and the wings are converging and falling.

    Friends are inexplicably excited.

He couldn’t help but chase it. A pool of green water, half a pond gray duck, the same peace, he could not tell which one had just passed through the breathtaking flight.

My friend believes that he will never be wrong. It is clearly in the pond; it will never be an ordinary domestic duck. It is impossible for a domestic duck to fly, and it is even more impossible to fly nearly 200 meters in a row!

He is determined to find this flying duck.

He picked up a large stone by the pond and threw it to the center of the pond. It became a bang, and the ducks spread out. One of them flew up and fell into a farmer’s house.

The friend followed the farmer’s house and said that he would like to see the duck that can only fly.

The owner said casually, in fact, there is nothing to look at, this duck has no legs.

It turned out that this duck was bitten off by the mouse when it was very young, and the owner thought it would die, and he did not pay attention to it.

Who knows, it not only did not die, but also grew up, and learned to fly!

Every morning, it takes off directly from the nest, swims in a pond 200 meters away, and flies back at night.

    Ducks, no legs, will fly; ducks will fly because there are no legs.It is true that in life, it will inevitably encounter adversity, contradictions, and even fatal blows. It is a lack of sorrow or a rise in adversity and learning to fly, all in our inner choice.