Eat more white food in the spring to prevent disease and fight cancer

Eat more white food in the spring to prevent disease and fight cancer

Spring is a season that is easy to cause various diseases. How should we carry out specific health care in the diet?

Nutrition experts say that as long as you eat food, a reasonable diet can effectively prevent disease.

Let’s take a look at some white foods to prevent disease and fight cancer!

  1, potatoes in the “slimming” today, people often respect white food, especially potatoes.

In fact, if cooked properly, eating potatoes can both lose weight and be rich in nutrients, playing an important role in daily diet.

  Essentially, potassium can prevent high blood pressure and stroke, while cellulose eliminates harmful substances and waste from the body.

At the same weight, potatoes provide more potassium and cellulose than ordinary vegetables or fruits.

For example, a medium-sized potato has only 163 calories, but the potassium and cellulose content is as high as 941 mg and 3.

6 grams.

About twice, the content of both bananas is only 422 mg and 3.

1 g.

In addition, potatoes also contain vitamin C, vitamin B6 and magnesium and a small amount of excess protein.

  2, garlic, the active substance in garlic, allicin, helps the body to resist the invasion of colds and flu, enhance immunity.

However, in order for garlic to work, it is best to smash it and put it at room temperature for a while before cooking. The nutritional value is higher.

  3, white mushroom white mushroom represents acid, sweet, bitter, spicy, the sixth taste outside the salt – umami, is a good “delicious supply.”

It is free of formaldehyde, cholesterol, and almost no sodium, which is enough for the gospel of slimming people.

In addition, it is rich in a variety of elements, such as selenium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin and vitamin D, of which trace element selenium also has anti-cancer effect.

  4, broccoli in white food, broccoli’s anti-cancer ability is one of the best.

This is closely related to the key nutrient-containing sulfur, and it also strengthens bone tissue and maintains vascular health.

  5, onion cut onions will be everyone who cooks “crazy tears”, “behind the scenes” is a large number of anti-inflammatory substances in the onion – carotene.

But this phospholipidin can be said to hate and love, because it has many effects, which can alleviate joint diseases, and make the immune system stronger, reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases.