[How to fry peanut rice is crispy and crispy]

[How to fry peanut rice is crispy and crispy]

I believe that many people like to eat peanut rice very much. There is even a lot of protein and vitamins in peanut rice, and the price is very cheap. There are many ways to make it. They can be fried or boiled, etc.It may sound that the method of making peanut rice is very simple, but you also need to master the method in the actual operation process, so how to fry peanut rice is crispy and crispy?

First, how is fried peanuts crispy and crispy?

When you go to the supermarket or grocery market to buy peanuts, you need to choose peanuts that are full of grains and similar in size, so that when fried, each peanut is heated to the same degree.

Choose fresh peanuts, which will have a natural aroma of peanuts when fried.

The scent of Chen Peanut is okay.

Before frying the peanuts, wash the peanuts in clean water, just wash and wash without frothing.

Drain the water after washing the peanuts.

Experience tells us that the washed peanuts are fried beautifully.

Second, fried peanuts should be: cold pan, cold oil, cold peanuts.

This is one of the crispy and crispy tips for frying peanuts; put oil in the pan, put in the peanuts, turn on a medium-low heat, and stir fry.

The oil temperature starts to rise and the peanuts are slowly fried. In this process, the frying action should be accelerated.

When we heard the sound of crackling in the split, when we saw that the color of the peanuts had changed, we were told that the peanuts were ripe.

Continue to stir a bit.

You can take one out and let it taste cool. If you don’t have the raw taste of peanuts, then you can.

At this time, the fire can be turned off, and the hot oil will roast the peanuts later.

Immediately after turning off the fire, use chopsticks to drop a few drops of white wine into the peanut rice.

In this way, the characteristic aroma of peanut rice is more fragrant, the fried peanut rice is more crispy, and it is not easy to get wet.

After putting the peanuts on a plate, wait until it gets cooler and sprinkle a little bit of salt to mix well. This will taste better and look better.

How to fry peanuts is crispy and crispy?

Peanuts are hulled, picking up impurities and bad peanuts.

Wash the peanuts, soak them in cold water for a while, and remove the drained water.

Add a sufficient amount of cooking oil to the pan, and cool the peanuts into the pan and fry.

On medium heat, turn with a spoon from time to time during frying.

When it is ready to fry, the peanuts will make a crackling sound. When there is no sound, the peanuts will be fried. Remove the oil from the peanuts and put them in a bowl.

Spread the right amount of white wine while hot and spread the peanuts to cool.

Sprinkle an appropriate amount of salt when the peanuts are still a little warmer. The peanuts can be stored in a sealed container when it is cool. When needed, take an appropriate amount and put it in a plate.