Let you be skinny!

Let you be “skinny”!

Although the death of Tang Anzhen slimming tea was accused of banned drugs, but women are destined to fight against weight loss for a lifetime, especially today’s fashion is popular and thin, Feng Qi Yang Guifei has long been wrong, Hong Kong and Taiwan actresses talk about weight loss, all have a doorwayThe weight-loss method is varied, and the beauty of the family is “small and sloppy”, but “there is a way to enjoy the “skinny”. Otherwise, losing weight will not kill, but will only lose the wife and the soldiers, not worth the candle!
Like the actress Cai Shaofen, she lost 7 kilograms a month. She took a meat-slimming method. She ate meat with eggs or vegetables for three meals, but she was rumored to have anorexia.
  ※运动+饮食控制  女星钟丽缇出写真集,凹凸有致的魔鬼身材比婚前更诱人;而章小蕙也是减肥有道,为减肥产品担任代言人,不惜使出减肥绝招运动和饮食双管齐下;而向来清瘦高挑Shu Qi, for many years, has been endorsing a beautiful Japanese product, taking a service to maintain her graceful figure, claiming that she never moves, the measurements are all based on natural beauty.
  ※健康减肥餐  在众多减肥者中,香港歌坛新天后郑秀文独树一帜堪称佼佼者,之前拍了杜琪峰的《瘦身男女》,和刘德华扮演大胖子,郑秀文自承以前受过肥胖之苦,对体重是斤斤计较Every time she meets a concert performance, she must implement a terrible devil diet meal. One month before the concert, she begins to eat her own menu, eat milk cereal for breakfast, eat 2 eggs and 1 cup of orange juice for lunch, dinner.It is 2 pieces of chicken, 1 fresh fish and stew.
As for the concert, only eat bird’s nest and Chuanbei soup, drink a bowl of bird’s nest before going out, thirsty to drink glucose water, hungry to eat fruit.
Exercise for about 2 hours a day, including lifting 100 dumbbells and running for 30 minutes.
  ※ Say goodbye to snacks. A look at Zheng Xiuwen’s weight loss list is only suitable for people who have a constant effect, otherwise it will be difficult to sustain.
In addition to Zheng Xiuwen, when she debuted, she had some baby fat. Now she is slim and slim, and she is more and more beautiful. She is deeply curious about how she loses weight. It is said that she not only quits her favorite snacks, rice, cola, but alsoTaking the risk of heart disease and kidney disease, taking a diuretic and thin face, I lost 10 kilograms in just 2 months. It is not advisable to do so, but Cecilia Cheung’s feeling of thinness is known.
  ※藉助外力 上美容中心  而叶倩文减肥的方法听来更可怕,盛传她以洗肠减肥,先将喉管插入肛门,然后灌入大量药水将体内废物和毒素排出,对收小腹有效,但健康与No controversy.
Compared with Ye Qianwen, the singer Na Ying made a record album for a while before, and implemented a weight loss plan. The weight loss center used a hot blanket to cover the body and powerful fat push, sacrificed food to eat nutritious diet meals, and easily lost 3 kilograms in a week.
  ※清淡饮食  至恋爱中的女人,吴君如瘦了后魅力更强,比起以前拍电影有「大笑姑婆」的称号,今日的吴君如整整瘦了14公斤令人刮目相看,持之以恒维持身材的她,对I am satisfied with my weight loss results.
Usually, Wu Junru only eats fruits after getting up. He goes to the gym every day for 1 hour of exercise. The exercise is mainly based on swimming and fitness. He definitely does not eat late at night. He only eats steamed fish or chicken and does not eat.