The elderly have a loss of appetite to eat this health food can increase appetite

The elderly have a loss of appetite to eat this health food can increase appetite

In the spring, when it is cold and hot, the elderly are prone to loss of appetite, loss of appetite, etc. Due to the digestive system and physical quality, it is difficult to supplement nutrition, and the constitution will become worse and worse in the long run.

What do you want to do to increase your appetite?

The following are some good ways to increase your appetite. Older friends who have no appetite can try it.

. The old man’s loss of appetite, how to do a little easy music, create a comfortable environment, human implant peristalsis and secretion of digestive juice, related to mental state, appropriate improvement of the dining environment, play some relaxing music, can change the elderlyIn the mood, the elderly increase appetite.

  Calling family and friends to eat together, the lively atmosphere to improve the mood and the hustle and bustle will change the mood of the elderly.

For elderly people with psychological disorders such as high blood pressure and pressure, it is helpful for many people to work together.

You can eat with neighboring old people or with old and young at home.

  A small amount, moderately drink low-alcohol, small wines to help drink a small amount of low-alcohol before the appetizer, such as wine to help appetizer.

However, it is not advisable to charge a large amount of soda and beer, which will dilute the gastric juice and cause the stomach to expand and stimulate the satiety center.

  The food is hot and fresh, delicious and healthy, and the fragrance is stimulating.

Controlling the temperature of the food is an important step in locking the scent, so the food must be eaten hot.

  Pension health appetizing food recommended pineapple tomato sour mushroom nine-story tower aroma to eat heavy taste, increase the sour taste of the meal is also a method, it is recommended to use lemon juice, willow juice, pineapple, tomato into the dish, can increase the taste changes, while harvesting fruit and vegetable nutrition.

In addition, make good use of scented materials such as pepper, ginger, or add coriander in the cooking, nine-story tower, mushrooms, celery, angelica, medlar, red dates, bay leaf, dill grass, can also increase the fragrance, enhance the appetite of the elderly.

  Five-flavored tofu ingredients / five-flavored sauce (ginger, coriander, cinnamon, tomato sauce, oyster sauce), 1 box of tofu, 2 teaspoons of sugar, sesame oil seasoning: 1, granulated sugar into sugar water, add five flavored sauce for use.

2. After steaming the tofu for 10 minutes, drain the water from the bottom of the dish, pour in the five-flavored sauce, and drip in the sesame oil.