Teach you to be a big sex player on the bed

Teach you to be a big sex player on the bed

You are still on the Internet all day, desperately looking for gender skills, want your other half to enjoy the most advanced feeling?

In fact, the key to sexual life is the relaxation of two people, discovering each other’s sexual sensitivity, and being good at summing up, and then using some tips here, but can make the other party excited to rush to the sky!

  It’s a pleasure to have a smooth ice cream, but if you add more chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and a red cherry to the ice cream, is it easier to look good and tempting

Sexuality is no exception. Sex is great and not wrong, but if you add some ingenuity and play a little trick, you will be more likely to cause sex and explosiveness.

The nerve endings and brain cells of our body become dull because they often do the same thing, so timely freshness is very important.

  For this reason, you need to stimulate you and her body by some new techniques before, during and after the sex process.

Often you only need a surprisingly amazing touch to make your sensory senses more sensitive.

Try these seemingly inconspicuous, but actually very useful tips to add to your boudoir fun, and maybe you can come up with some new ideas after you become proficient!

  Give him a cold feeling. Slowly lick the nipples around him and blow them.

  · When you are in a standing position, you can try to follow the open refrigerator door. The cool breeze from the refrigerator and the heat from him make you shudder.

  · Drop two wet towels to the freezer before making love. When the two of you are sweating after the rain, help the other party to lay the cold towel and let the body relax.

  Please try the hot foreplay, take a few minutes to heat your hands, then gently massage the thighs with your hands., hot hands can soothe his muscles and let him burn.

  · When both of you have taken off your body and are ready to fight for a fight, pull the sheets up between the two of you.

Sheets can make your body hotter and hotter, making you and her more passionate.

  · After making love, take him to the bathroom for a hot bath and let the warm water drench directly on both of you.

Because the skin becomes very sensitive after the climax, the pressure of water on the body can inspire your spirit.

  Taste delicious Dongdong and put a necklace of candy on your lap to let him taste it slowly.

  · Ask him to dig a piece of vanilla pudding on your double peak and suck it into your mouth.

You will find the icy, soft thickness of the pudding, plus his soft tongue is really comfortable!

  ? Use icing to fork the body parts (neck/abdominal muscles) that are sensitive to each other, and then take turns to help the other person clean the body.

  A stinging alternative feeling. When making love, you can put your finger into his hair, then gently pull his hair root (if he doesn’t have a bald head), or gently grab his scalp and do this.Don’t forget to kiss him at the same time.

  · When you are still in the foreplay stage, gently rub your abdomen with a comb that usually combs your hair. This area is the most sensitive part of his body.

  · Tell him to use your tongue to gently slide your most sensitive parts: the wrist, the top, and the back of the ear, will definitely make you tremble.

  · When you ride on him, you can tilt your body back and use your fingernails to gently scrape his V-shaped part (the V-shaped zone formed by the intersection of his abdominal muscles and the tibia), to ensure that he is full of numbness.

  · Once you are entangled like a beast, slap your hips hard.

  Stimulate his senses. When your back is against his chest, ask him to reach out to touch you, and watch his hands go up and down in your body.

  · If you like to ride on his body, try to ride with his back to him.

This way, not only can you develop some points and zones that will make you both comfortable, but also make him feel good.

  · If you are making love in a sitting position, you can wrap each other’s waist with your feet, then ask him to put his hands under you, and then move you up and down with the power of your hands.

The reason why this pose is so awkward is that the two of you are very close to each other, you can stare at each other with affectionate eyes, hug him with both hands, you can also feel his breath is next to your neck, and the bestIt is his strength to move your hand under the palm of your hand. It is so wonderful.

  · After making love, when you have to get up from the bed and put on your clothes, remember to move slowly, let him see clearly.

  · Remember not to dress yourself up like a Christmas tree when you are dating, just remember a secret, with a super shiny necklace, it can attract the other person’s sight to your cheekbones, the more chances of relative passion with himhigh.

  Enjoy the feeling of passion. When you are making love, you bring headphones to listen to rock music, so it seems that you are in the same world as two worlds.

  · When using scissors to make love, step on the thighs above you and lift them up, how far away you can leave the body.

The opening of the foot can make him enter deeper and feel better.

  · When he is helping you with oral sex below, ask him to put his hands under your hips and gently squeeze it.

The stimulation brought by the two-pronged approach will have more pleasure.

  · A few seconds after he ejaculates, you can lick his eggs very gently, which gives him a chance to enjoy a small climax.(After ejaculation, the body will be very sensitive, so first touch his egg and see that he will have some kind of reaction.

When he sits on the bed with his bed straight, his feet open, face him, let him help you blowjob.

Standing will make your lower extremity blood circulation better, so it will be particularly sensitive.

(You can put your hands in the air as a support point.) If you need it, you can do it for a while.

  Dry firewood. When he helps you massage your temples, you can slowly explore it underneath with one hand.

  · When you are in the foreplay, pull his hand and draw a circle on your chest. Start by drawing a big circle, then slowly reduce the part of the circle, and finally circle around the nipple.

  · In the process of helping him with oral sex, when you put all the firepower on his roots, use your hand to tease his eggs. The alternation of alternating changes can bring him unspeakable stimulation.

  · When using a puppy style, you can use the left and right movements to move forward and backward instead of moving forward to stimulate new sexy areas.

  · When you are riding on top of him, tighten your legs, hips, and lower abdomen so that he only sprints in half and slowly relaxes your muscles.

The nerve-filled G-spot is actually located in the front of the vagina, and more in this position can increase the explosive power of the orgasm.