[Can enzymes remove acne]_action_effect

[Can enzymes remove acne]_action_effect

Many friends in the circle of friends are now selling enzymes. Wechat advertises that enzymes can regulate endocrine, convert stress between each other, and have the effect of weight loss. So people with acne in their body are thinking whether enzymes can get rid of acne.

In fact, there are many causes of acne, and it is not certain that it is an endocrine disorder. That is, enzymes that are effective for others may not be effective for you.

This article introduces the possible causes of acne, let’s take a look.

Causes of Acne 1.

Hormonal secretion: Acne usually starts from puberty when hormones are secreted from the body. Too much male hormones are secreted during puberty, which can easily lead to acne; 2.

Sebum secretion: The oil secreted by the skin is white, and a large amount of oil secretion can easily cause pores to form acne; 3.

Genetic factors: Although everyone develops acne, some people have acne conditions similar to other family members, which is caused by genetic factors; 4.

Environmental factors: such as air pollution, sunlight, high humidity; 5.

Lifestyle habits: Repeated friction between the cheeks or wearing a helmet and face, irregular life, sleepless nights, poor mood, excessive stress, poor eating habits, will reduce the ability of the skin to repair itself and worsen acne; 6.

Other factors: male hormones, bromides, lithium salts, etc., often exposed to oils and fats due to work, chlorinated hydrocarbons (such as PCBs).

Acne reflects physical conditions. Human bones do not grow acne for no reason. Acne is usually a reaction to internal conditions.

Acne is also very common in modern adults. This is caused by long-term poor living and eating habits with toxin accumulation in the body, endocrine disorders, constipation, and stress.

So conditioning the body is the best choice for curing acne.

Enzymes have excellent detoxification effects. Changyin can improve acidic physiology, regulate endocrine, and even better than traditional Chinese medicine in the treatment of acne. The effect is obvious without any side effects.

It removes acne by clearing intestinal folds, blood, lymph, and visceral toxins.

When the enzyme enters the intermediate, it can provide a good environment and nutrition for the transformed beneficial bacteria, inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria in the body, break down the toxins in the blood in the body, and promote the peristalsis of the metabolism.The body’s metabolism is clean and the acne is gone.

At the same time, enzymes can quickly break down the oil in the pores and discharge them along the pores to achieve the effect of removing acne. Enzymes can also inhibit the excessive secretion of sebum. Before the skin oils out, it will fight back the hidden problems and avoid the problem of luster on the face.