Sweet potato is called health food, and there are many benefits of laxative weight loss. There are 3 types of people who can’t eat!

Sweet potato is called “health food”, and there are many benefits of laxative weight loss. There are 3 types of people who can’t eat!

I believe that everyone is familiar with sweet potatoes, but they do not know its specific effects.

Sweet potato is also called sweet potato. It tastes sweet and sweet, and can also be made into sugar and wine. It can also be made into vermicelli and flour.

Sweet potato contains very rich nutrients and has the reputation of “longevity food”.

Sweet potato also has certain medicinal value, sweet potato has beneficial gas, spleen and stomach, and strong kidney yin effect.

Sweet potato also has anti-cancer, prevent emphysema, protect the heart and prevent diabetes. Eating sweet potato can not only detoxify, but also help reduce blood pressure.

In addition, sweet potato can help prevent blood sugar, but also protect the cardiovascular system, making the body healthier.

However, although sweet potato has many benefits, there are some special people who can’t eat it. Basically, it can be divided into two kinds of people who are not suitable for eating. Let’s take a look.

Sweet potato is called “longevity food”, but there are 3 types of people who can’t eat!

First, people with kidney stones who have acidic kidney stones are not suitable for eating sweet potatoes.

Because sweet potato contains a lot of oxalic acid, salt.

Eating more will increase the burden of high blood pressure, causing serious consequences. Sweet potatoes should not be eaten with crabs, and it is easy to cause stones in the body.

Second, the sugar content of diabetic sweet potato is very high, diabetic patients eat a lot of sweet potatoes, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise.

If excessive consumption will aggravate the condition of diabetes, then diabetics must control the amount of sweet potato implanted.

Third, people with bad spleen and stomach are prone to stomach acid.

Sweet potatoes are acidic foods, so people with bad stomachs can’t eat sweet potatoes, especially sweet potatoes, not to eat.

There may be symptoms of abdominal discomfort. The sweet potato’s sugar will produce a lot of stomach acid in the stomach and increase the pressure in the stomach.

People who have a bad stomach will eat sweet potatoes and will stimulate the gastric mucosa and even aggravate the condition.

However, normal people can not eat too much sweet potato, because the sweet potato skin contains alkali, the right amount of food will cause the stomach, eating too much will damage the stomach, and the sweet potato must be cooked, not raw.

In addition, Chinese medicine believes that the wet spleen and stomach, qi stagnation food should be careful to eat sweet potatoes.

In addition, eating sweet potatoes can be combined with some pickles, which can effectively inhibit stomach acid.

Don’t replace the sweet potato with the staple food for a long time. It will add protein and a small amount, which will cause malnutrition.

Remember to eat sweet potatoes, you can not eat with persimmons, it will use the body discomfort.

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