Lazy people love to exercise without diet

Lazy people love to exercise without diet

The following small series mentioned the exercise-free diet, which means that there is no need for high-intensity continuous gymnastics. As long as you pay attention to some tips, you can naturally lose weight.

Hurry and watch it.

  First, the massage speeds up the metabolism of the new city. The four-point weight loss massage method lies on the back or sits, with the tip of the thumb pressed on the upper jaw, the middle jaw, the double Tianshu (that is, 2 inches around the navel, one point on each side), Qihai and so on.On the acupoint, after feeling aching, the tip of the thumb was turned 10 turns on each acupuncture point.

  Sitting on the umbilical circumference, sitting or lying down, the massager’s right hand is four fingers together, the finger is placed on the navel and pressed down with appropriate force, and the left and right sides are rotated 10 times.

  Ring touch massage the right palm from the heart of the mouth began to touch, through the left rib down, down to the lower abdomen, up through the right rib down to touch the original place.

So loop for 36 laps; then use the left palm to ring 36 turns in the opposite direction from the heart and mouth.

  This is the most thorough method.

It can be done before going to bed at night or while watching TV.

Diabetes can stimulate nerve endings, open the skin and subcutaneous aunt’s capillaries, speed up metabolism, and promote the discharge of waste from skin tissue. Of course, you can reduce your aunt.

  Second, take a walk or a large movement to help burn fat away from the excess meat. Ordinary walks are suitable for commuting, walking after meals, shopping and shopping.

According to your needs, you can choose slow, medium or fast.

Fast is not equal to urgent, just a little faster than the medium speed.

Walking can relax the bones, calm the blood, and lay a long-term foundation for weight loss.

  The vibration of the rocker walking and walking, or by lifting it up and down a lot, has many advantages for improving the function of the upper limbs, shoulders and chest of the person. It can also be used for shoulder inflammation and chest tightness.

  When walking forward with abdomen, you can use your hands to massage up and down, the abdomen and the back of the waist, which can effectively regulate the function of the spleen and stomach, correct the decline of kidney gas, and improve the metabolic function.

Relaxing walks and gentle abdominal massage can also supplement indigestion and chronic urinary tract diseases.

  Third, the pressure points control the appetite ear acupuncture weight loss ear acupuncture weight loss is a profound team of Chinese medicine in the wonderful team.

Ear acupuncture weight loss is convenient and effective, as long as you pinch the itching point on the ear, Shenmen, endocrine and other acupuncture points, you can slow down the sense of obesity, relieve mental stress, regulate endocrine, and thus achieve slimming effect.

  Bandages Weight Loss Bandages are especially suitable for women who do not like sports, sedentary offices, and women with lower body fat or waist.

  The method is also very simple, as long as after bathing, massage the body with essential oils, and then wrap the whole body or part for 30 minutes with an enamel tape impregnated with essential oil or medicine.

If you wrap a bandage and then aerobics in the music, the effect of slimming will be better.

  Fourth, love diet pills psychologists found that love not only helps the body health, but also the method of slimming.

  Love can speed up metabolism and promote blood circulation. As the metabolism is accelerated, people will lose weight without knowing it, and the skin will become smooth and tender.

  Fifth, develop a good habit of naturally not licking meat 1, posture is correct: When approximating, remember to tighten your abdomen.

  2, walking ass force: When you relax, take a 5-step look with your ass.

  3, climb the stairs: slowly climb the first-order one-step, more than the effect.

  4, bicycle: When stepping on, use the hip joint, thigh force.