Those ancient methods of decocting that we have neglected

Those ancient methods of decocting that we have neglected

“Treatise on Febrile Diseases” attaches great importance to the method of decoction of drugs. In addition to the common methods of decoction, followed by simmering, sputum, and sputum, there are some more special methods of decocting. These special methods of decoctingThe majority of Chinese medicine practitioners are often neglected when prescribing medical advice, which affects the normal function of Chinese medicine decoction.


Adding wine and frying method is called licorice soup. The original party requires seven liters of sake, eight liters of water, and fried.

The purpose of Zuoqing wine is to use the wine to qi and blood, pass through the meridian, and yin and yang, to help the drug, and to declare Tongyang.

Especially in the yin supplement or qi and blood double supplement, adding wine can pass the medicinal properties, and achieve the purpose of supplementing without stagnation.

It is said that licorice soup is a common prescription for treating qi deficiency and blood deficiency, and it is a common prescription for heart sputum. It is added to sake at the same time as decocting, not only enhances the heart and yang, promotes the role of blood, but also makes the yin medicines greasy.Eliminate the sake of sake.

In addition, wine is also a good solvent, adding wine and frying, and the active ingredients in the formula can be dissolved and dissolved.

The author used 癸甘草汤 to treat several cases of senile heartbeat, venous dysfunction, less gas and less moss, and the effect was stunned.In the more and more chaotic, I am more puzzled, and then turned back to read the licorice soup in “Treatise on Febrile Diseases” and found that I ignored the method of adding wine and frying in the original side, so I regret it!

From then on, after the heart attack, the pulse of the patient, or the diagnosis of pulmonary heart disease by Western medicine, coronary heart disease patients, when taking licorice soup, according to the pulse, it is necessary to add 50-250ml of varying amounts of rice wineWith the same frying, I began to learn from the Zhongshi Fang to the “drumstick effect” of Gancao Deco in the clinical application.


Add honey and fry the same method as the chestnut pill, white honey, two water, two liters of water, cook a liter, Winton service.

The purpose of the Zhongshi’s addition of honey in the party is to ease the temperament of the chestnut pill and to make the temperament of the thoracic granules for the slow attack and to take the effect of the qi and qi.Gong, assisting the main medicine to play a role in the fourth is to take the taste.

“Compendium of Materia Medica” cloud “Honey, its merits of medicine is five, heat is also, Buzhong also, detoxification, moistening dryness, pain relief also” “and 100 medicine and licorice with the same work” “and camp Wei, run five internal organs,Passing three cokes, moistening the spleen and stomach.

Today, some doctors often do not give up when they prescribe, so it is regrettable that the efficacy of prescriptions cannot be fully compensated.


Rice cooked soup is like white tiger soup, white tiger plus ginseng soup, white tiger plus cinnamon soup, bamboo leaf gypsum soup, Maimendong soup and so on.

These prescriptions are all marked with “rice ripening”, and rice cooked is made into soup. The purpose is to take the product of the previous product of the glutinous rice, and to protect the spleen and stomach, while taking care of other drugs in the prescription.The cold drop performance allows the drug to exert its therapeutic effect in the middle and upper focus.

Because the previous rice is a dual-use medicine and food, the food-based variety belongs to most pharmacies, the pharmacy formula “breaks off” pieces, the doctor’s prescription, the pharmacist formula only tells the patient or patient to grab the “small bag” from their own rice bags.”Put it in the medicine together. When the prescription or prescription has the prescription of the previous meter, “grab a rice into” is the “mantra” of the physician or pharmacist. Few doctors or pharmacists tell the patient orThe patient “rice cooked soup into” this boiled “degree”!


Ma Bo boiling soup stains rhubarb Huanglian Xiexin Decoction is an effective prescription for the treatment of gastric phlegm blocking sputum, according to the softness of the air sputum, the syllabus in the square after the injection of “on the two flavors, to boil two rise stains, mustache, twisted and smashed, divided into warm clothes.”

Why use the leprosy soup?

It is because rhubarb, berberine is thick and heavy, and after continuous boiling, it takes more stomach and has a diarrhea effect. Therefore, the party does not need to boil, but soaks in boiling water to soak less, and the juice is ready to drink.The decoction obtained by the special decoction method can achieve the purpose of taking its gas, thinning its taste and removing the invisible heat of the upper part.

Similarly, Zhongjing is using the Fuzi Xiexin Decoction to treat “heart sputum, and resurgence of cold and sweat”, and “Sanhuang” is treated with two liters of hemp boiling soup to reach the knot with the evil heat of the upper part of the diarrhea.Disperse the sputum and then use the aconite “Don’t cook the juice” to play the role of Wenjing.


To 滓 滓 煎 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半 半Eliminate.

After the party, please note “.with a bucket of water, cook six liters, go to simmer, and then fry three liters.”, the cloud “go to simmer and fry” is to use the concentration method to reduce the volume of the drug, let the patient take the doseNot too much, the purpose is to make “three diarrhea heart soup” and yin and yang, go up and down, adjust the real work.

The combination of medicinal properties and unbiasedness is more suitable for half-table and half-in-one, lifting and losing the Secretary, and the evidence of cold and heat.


First fry to Shangyu Zhongjing in Mahuang Tang, Gegen Decoction, Gegen Plus Banxia Soup, Guizhi plus Gegen Decoction, Guizhi Mahuang Half and Half Soup, Guizhi Eryue Yiyi Soup, Mahuang Almond Gypsum Licorice Soup, Gegen Huangqi HuanglianIn the recipes of soup, Xiaoqinglongtang, Daqinglongtang, etc., the use of ephedra and puerarin is clouded. “first boiled ephedra, pueraria, to the foam, and various medicines inside.”It is annoying and “slow”, it is also to increase the dissolution of the drug and enhance the clinical efficacy of the prescription.

  The special decoction method of the above prescriptions, from the prescription of the doctor to the adjustment of the pharmacy, is neglected to varying degrees.

In the past three or four years, the author used the countryside to support farmers, travel in the field or local pharmacies to take medicine, see Chinese medicine prescriptions and ask the doctors and other methods to “first decoction” commonly used square root soup, “go to simmer” threeA diarrhea heart soup, “Ma Bo boiling soup stain” rhubarb yellow Lianxin heart soup, “rice cooked soup into” bamboo leaf gypsum soup, “alcoholic medicine with fried” licorice soup was investigated and found these special friedThe substitution of the law is extremely serious. In the pharmacy and pharmacy, 80% of the pharmacies have over 90% of the Chinese medicine practitioners who are not aware of the “Ma Bo Tang Sauer Service” in the prescription of Ephedra, Xiaoqinglong Decoction, etc.In the other party’s ephedra, Pueraria has no “footnotes”, “first fry to the foam” more than half of the Chinese medicine practitioners are going to simmer, the wine is fried, the rice cooked soup, etc. These special decoction methods are not recognized at the time of prescription., not “footnotes.”

At the grassroots level, even those Chinese medicine practitioners who have been abandoning these special methods of boiling are indeed incredible.