The four kinds of people who are targeted by lymphoma are not missed by young adults. Are you one of them?

The four kinds of people who are targeted by “lymphoma” are not missed by young adults. Are you one of them?

The epidemiological survey of lymphoma worldwide has a very clear trend.

With the improvement of living standards and the progress of civilization, through the improvement of education level and the change of lifestyle, the incidence rate is gradually increasing, the better the life, the change of knowledge level, the more people living in the city,The incidence of this lymphoma occurs, and its onset actually has many reasons.

The cause of lymphoma is very complicated, and there are some cases of lymphoma, you can find very clear reasons.


There are also some infections, hepatitis virus infections, Chinese hepatitis viruses, it is an infection, or carriers can carry about 10% of patients, can be said to be a large proportion.

But our lymphoma patients can achieve about 30% of hepatitis B virus positive, that is, 30 of us have one hundred patients with hepatitis B virus is positive.

Therefore, how to reduce the infection of hepatitis B virus will have a very large control effect on the occurrence of this lymphoma.


There are also some lymphomas, some of which say Burkitt’s lymphoma in Africa. It is closely related to the infection of Epstein-Barr virus, and in many cases, how can you reduce the chance of infection with Epstein-Barr virus?The incidence of Burkitt’s lymphoma.


Helicobacter pylori infection, caused by gastric mucosa-associated lymphoma, it is very obvious, so it treats almost 100% of patients with Helicobacter pylori, a Helicobacter pylori in the stomach is positive, so first anti-Helicobacter pylori treatmentIt is very clear that H. pylori infection.

The above mentioned that the immune function is not good, is a very important cause of lymphoma, so if the body’s immune function is wrong, the incidence of lymphoma will increase significantly.

We have patients with chronic diseases, patients with autoimmune diseases or patients with organ transplants. The long-term application of hormones, the risk of lymphoma, is significantly higher than that of our normal population.

There are also some patients who are infected with HIV-positive patients. The incidence of lymphoma is significantly higher than that of our normal population, so it is such a disease that it can be used as a potential infection.Factors or induction results, because its immune function is not normal, their chances of infection will be high, and the chance of attack will recover.

Lymphoma is actually a disease that can occur at any age in a person’s life, but it has several important stages of age, called the elderly, and the body’s immune function is poor. A considerable part of the patientWith the increase of age, it can be seen in the disease spectrum that the incidence of lymphoma in older people with older onset is significantly higher than that of young people.

Another one is the young and middle-aged boy or girl in the teens and twenty years old. Because the body is in adolescence, his immune function needs to be constantly adjusted, which can also cause lymphoma.Onset.