[Do you eat metformin to lose weight]_Recommended diet

[Do you eat metformin to lose weight]_Recommended diet

Metazidine does have a certain weight-loss effect. This drug can promote the anaerobic metabolism of glucose in muscles, thereby reducing the energy supply to muscles, which can achieve weight loss.

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Metylene glycol is relatively cheap. It has the effect of promoting irritating secretion, and has a certain weight loss effect. It can reduce low gastrointestinal motility. Appropriate eating can also control appetite. People who lose weight have a significant weight loss.However, it is necessary to understand that there is a certain amount of impurities in this type of bismuth, and in addition, it cannot really solve the problem of temporary accumulation.

For ordinary people, if taking the drug metformin improperly will cause certain substitution problems, it will say that there will be some gastrointestinal reactions, oral odor, bloating, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, and other symptoms that affect the human bodyThe absorption of vitamin b12 affects the absorption of folic acid synthetic fibers and easily causes symptoms such as anemia.

It also easily causes certain damage to human nervous tissues, and affects the body’s absorption of some trace elements. Therefore, for ordinary people, it is best not to eat such drugs if they want to lose weight.Exercise is the only way to truly achieve weight loss.

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Eating some properly does have a certain weight-loss effect, but understand that there is a substitute for dimethyl double-stranded naphthalene, and that it may not really solve the problem of slight accumulation of each other in the body. If you take improper drugs, it may even cause healthVery adverse effects, and even cause malnutrition and so on.