Green skin and dried tangerine peel are very different

Green skin and dried tangerine peel are very different

The traditional Chinese medicine dried tangerine peel and green skin are placed in various kinds of orange peels such as citrus or tangerine, except that the tangerine peel is the fruit of the mature fruit, and the green skin is the peel of the dried young fruit or the immature fruit.

In addition, the skin health effects of green skin and dried tangerine peel are also different.

Therefore, when people replace green skin or dried tangerine peel, they can be replaced according to their own symptoms.

  Chinese medicine believes that tangerine peel and green skin are the same as traditional Chinese medicine, but the tangerine peel is slower and heavier than the spleen and lung; it can be dampness and phlegm; the skin is more severe, and it is heavier than the liver and gallbladder, which can relieve the liver and gallbladder., breaking the gas and eliminating the accumulation.

Chen Pi Li spleen and stomach, dampness and phlegm; green skin and liver qi, dissipate stagnation, its efficacy is different, although the same as a plant, but can not be used interchangeably.

  Let’s take a look at the health effects of Chinese medicine green skin and dried tangerine peel.

  The effect of green skin is the warmth of the skin, the taste of bitterness, the liver, the gallbladder, the effect of soothing the liver and breaking the air, dissipating the phlegm and eliminating phlegm. It is often used to treat chest pain, stomach pain, kidney gas, food, breast, milk core, long time.Sickness and other symptoms.

The strength of the green skin is stronger than that of the tangerine peel, which can be broken. Therefore, the “Materia Medica” is warned: “Green skin, the sex is the most intense, and the strength is broken. It is its strength, but it is inadvertently ruined.

If you want to ingest, you must use it with ginseng, surgery, expectorant and other spleen medicines, and you will not be alone.

“Chenpi peel effect is tangerine skin temperature, tastes hard, into the spleen, lung.

According to the determination, the volatile oil containing bromine is mainly limonene, isobutenyltoluene, valerene, etc., and the peel contains hesperidin, cis-coumarin, carotene, cryptoxanthin, vitamin B1, vitamin C and the like.It has the effect of regulating qi, adjusting the middle, dampness and dissipating phlegm. It is often used to treat chest and abdomen fullness, not thinking about diet, vomiting and overflowing, coughing and other symptoms, but also solving fish and crab poison.

Modern pharmacological studies have confirmed that hesperidin contained in dried tangerine peel can increase blood flow, eliminate vasoconstriction caused by anti-adrenalin, expand the coronary blood vessels, and cause action on vascular smooth muscle, which has a slow antihypertensive effect;The active ingredients such as coumarin have anti-inflammatory, anti-ulcer and choleretic effects, and are commonly used drugs for spleen and qi.